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Added Value

Specialized Services

P站色情片 offers several services that go above and beyond conventional diagnosis and repair. Engine, transmission and pump dyno testing, hydraulic cylinder rebuilding, bore reconditioning and line boring, and fabrication/machining services are some of the specialized capabilities that we have available. The facilities required for some of these services do vary by location, so please contact your local branch or PSSR to discuss your specialized service needs. We can always find a solution to fit your expectations.


Let Us Help Find a Solution For You

Not all service and repair procedures can be performed simply by the book with a basic tool kit. Some require material reconditioning, highly specialized and expensive tooling and facilities, and uniquely trained and experienced personnel. Even attempting certain specialized repairs without the proper tooling and knowledge can lead to further damage and significantly increased costs and downtime. P站色情片 is here to help! We offer all of the special services previously mentioned and more. And if your needs exceed even our capabilities, we can provide you with a single point of contact to work with at businesses that we’ve partnered with to provide all your specialized repair needs.

Cost Savings

By combining your special services with any other repair work on your machine, we save you the added costs of coordinating through multiple service providers. We can also bundle your costs and provide one quote for all repair work needed on your machine.

Time Savings

Much like the cost savings, trusting your machine to one repair provider will reduce your downtime. We can keep other aspects of your repair work going while any specialized services you may need are being simultaneously performed.

Single Point of Contact

There is no need to have multiple business contacts that you need to constantly track down to get an update on your machine repairs. One phone call, text, email, or however you would like to keep in contact, and we can let you know exactly where we are in repairing your machine, including all specialized services to be performed.

Single-Source Service is Our Goal

At P站色情片, we believe the single-source service philosophy is our commitment to you for entrusting us with your equipment repairs. This means maximizing our capabilities to ensure that all the repair procedures performed on your equipment are handled in-house. P站色情片 technicians perform the labor, OEM parts are used throughout, strictly adhering to factory-engineered tolerances and specifications. Offering you a one-stop-shop for all your repair needs, specialized or otherwise, gives us the ability to ensure the quality you’ve come to expect from P站色情片.

Line Boring/Bore Reconditioning

Worn and distorted pin bores create unwanted movement and accelerated wear on work equipment components. Bore welding and line boring can restore any pin and bushing fit on your machine to factory new specifications.

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilding

Attempting to disassemble and rebuild a hydraulic cylinder without the proper tooling and equipment can be disastrous. To reconstruct a cylinder right requires a quality cylinder repair bench- and most of our shops have one.

Custom Fabricating and Machining

Whether you need minor welding repairs or custom-designed and fabricated structures, we can work with you to make your unique vision a reality. Custom guarding, specialized attachments, and fabrication of one-off parts and components – if you can think of it, chances are we can build it.

Engine, Transmission, and Pump Dyno Service

From light-duty spin-testing of pumps and transmissions up to full-power runs on our 2,000hp engine dyno, we can test the function and performance of your components on our engine, transmission, and pump dynamometers.

Service FAQs

Common Questions

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