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Intelligent Machine Control

Technology to help you do your job better, faster, smarter.

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More Productive Today and in the Future

Komatsu is constantly working to improve productivity for its customers and has a long history of offering innovative technologies that achieve this goal. One of these cutting-edge technologies, Intelligent Machine Control, is currently available and offers unmatched improvement in productivity for customers.

Intelligent Machine Control excavator

How it Works

Learn how KOMATSU Intelligent Machine Control works in real-world applications.

Intelligent Machine Control Jobsite

GPS Satellite Signals

A machine using a Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna and receiver will track multiple GPS satellite signals. The Base Station is set to a 鈥渒nown鈥 point on the job site and then broadcasts the 鈥渃orrection鈥 information to the machine using a radio signal.

Intelligent Machine Control Correction Fixes

鈥淐orrection鈥 Fixes

The 鈥渃orrection鈥 fixes the satellite’s inherent errors and uses the machine settings to generate an accurate, current blade position.

Intelligent Machine Control 3d Modeling

Compared 3D Modeling

The current position of the blade is compared to a 3D model of the project. The cut or fill value is displayed for the operator. Also, an automatic hydraulic interface can accurately move the blade to the exact design grade.

Intelligent Machine Control interface

A User-friendly Interface

Inside the cab is a display with a user-friendly interface that supplies grading information on parts of the project, enabling the operator to be more efficient.

Benefits of Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control

Explore some of the many benefits of Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control.

  • Complete grading operations faster.
  • Fewer passes to finish grade.
  • More efficient machine use. Grade it once and move on.
  • Substantially decrease the amount of and waiting for grade stakes.
  • Lower machine operating costs.
  • Better material yields.
  • Improve fuel efficiency.
  • Improve operator performance.

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